ThalassOMICS develops and offers tools dedicated to the analysis of the metabolome of marine microorganisms.

Olivier Grovel and Catherine Roulier from ChiChaMVa team provide extracts from the collection of strains of marine fungi isolated from shellfish, sediments and seawater from regional shellfish growing areas. Currently this collection has more than 800 strains.


BIODIMAR team (Claire Hellio) screen anti-oxidant and antibacterial activities from extracts. Valentin Foulon anime the project and organise the communication.

Stéphane Bach with KISSf team (B. Baratte, B. Josselin and T. Robert) will screen marine fungi extracts for bioactivity focused on disease-related protein kinases (involved notably in cancers and neurodegenerative disorders).


Remy Le Guével from ImPACcell will screen synergies and interaction modulation of active extracts / molecules on identified targets.


IMPACT team (Pierre Weigel) will characterized molecular interactions between active molecules and ligands.


Identification of bioactive molecules will be performed by Arnaud Bondon from PRISM team, specialized in NMR analysis.


Maud Chetiveaux from Therrassay will provide an evaluation of therapeutic effect of molecules at the preclinical level.


ABiMS (Gildas Le Corguillé) provide bioinformatic support for MS and NMR data analysis with Workflow4Metabolomics.

GenOuest (Olivier Collin), in addition to its bioinformatics activities, work on the management of scientific data in a FAIR data context (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).




UMR1078 “Genetics, functional genomics and biotechnology” screen antibacterial activities against MDR clinical bacteria.